Gouddame Model Mare

Julie Florent, Owner of Blackall Park Friesians



My Friesian journey began many years ago.  My husband and I have been in love with the breed and wanting to do something, but hadn’t really made that first step and I guess, didn’t really know where to start.  We purchased two Friesian Warmblood mares about eight years ago, one was in foal.  As we raised our first foal, we became more and more determined to fulfil our dream of having a pure Friesian Stud.  I am extremely lucky in that we were patient and continued to find out everything possible about the breed, how many Friesians there are in Australia, the different classes of Friesians and what we envisaged our stud to achieve before we made the crucial step of buying our first Friesians.

We purchased our farm and started improvements before we purchased our Mares.  We then went through the rigorous process of buying them, putting them in foal to Registered Stallions and importing them to Australia.  All along the way, we found out everything we could.  My philosophy is that you can never know enough and I knew in my case that  I  just wanted to know more and more.

My dream is to have the highest quality Friesians and to help other Friesian lovers in Australia and make people aware of what a truly beautiful and unique breed of horse this is.  There are now Friesian horses all around the world, so that small province of the Netherlands known as Friesland takes great pride in the fact that the world is finally catching the Friesian bug and there is no turning back.

I believe that in the coming years, the Friesian horse will receive the recognition it deserves and I plan to be there every step of the way.


Julie  Florent

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